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Feb 10, 2015


Minutes of February 10, 2015  


Beaver Dam Town Hall, W8540 Cty Hwy W, Beaver Dam, WI

Meeting called to order 7:04 pm

Pledge of Allegiance

Present:  Chairman Neal Stippich, Mark Bobholz, John Kuzniewicz, Jeff Schmitt, Brian Toth, Treasurer Annette Sustman, Clerk Kristine Klodowski  Absent:  Brian Toth

Notice of meeting posted February 4th, published February 7th.

Motion (Kuzniewicz/Schmitt) to approve agenda.  Motion carried. 

January 10, 2015 minutes read.  Motion (Schmitt/Bobholz) to approve minutes.  Motion carried.

January 13, 2015 minutes read.  Note “Resolution #2014-9” to approval of December 20, 2014 minutes.                                    Motion (Kuzniewicz/Schmitt) to approve minutes with noted addition.  Motion carried.   

January 20, 2015 minutes read.  Add Mark Bobholz to those present at meeting.  Motion (Schmitt/Stippich) to approve minutes.  Motion carried.


  1. Land Use Administrator:  Dan Prunuske, 3 land use permits, total $528,000 in construction, and $753 in fees.  Update Vosskeuil property on County D appears to be vacant and has been vacant for some time.  Matt Christian suggested the Town adopting the International Building Code.
  2. Plan commission:  Denied Darcy Braun’s request for land use permit as there was no information to review and no one showed up.  Approved certified survey on Elser/Leritz farm on Cty Hwy W just south of Hemlock Road on the west side to separate buildings from work land.  Denied similar request on east side of County W to separate buildings from work land as property is zoned A-1 prime ag, which will be appealed and scheduled for Board of Appeals on February 18, 2015.
  3. Board of Appeals:  Meeting BOA reversed denial of construction of storage shed for R.C. Koch.
  4. Police Department:  Chief Brian Drumm reviewed Town of Beaver Dam Monthly Call Report 2015and Police Beat for January 2015 (noted correction:  3 citations issued to Mr. Lewke for calves on East Plaza Drive). With recent announcement by Sheriff Schmidt referencing the County’s New World software, Chief Drumm will hold off on training at this time.
  5. Road Maintenance Department:  January Job Report.  Les spoke with Burke Truck and was told anticipated truck delivery will be the end of March. Les also mentioned some tire tracks around the building.  Discussion was held regarding the possibility of security cameras.  Chief Drumm will research options.

Motion (Bobholz/Schmitt) to approve committee reports.  Motion carried.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  given by Annette Sustman. 

Motion (Kuzniewicz/Schmitt) to approve.  Motion carried.

PAYMENT OF BILLS:  Total bills presented:  $46,292.92 from the general fund and $2,932.53 from the tax collection account.  Motion (Schmitt/Stippich) to approve payment $49,225.45.  Discussion regarding review of individual bills. Motion carried.

TOWN RESIDENTS:  Howard Bohl of Bohl Farms wondering if the Board is moving closer to passing Ordinance for 500 animal units.  Chairman Stippich indicated April and Kuzniewicz indicated July.  Chairman Stippich told Mr. Bohl Town of Beaver Dam cannot deny if State’s standards are met.  (57:30)


Zoning Code Adoption –Resolution 2015-1:  Chairman Stippich presented the Board with what is to be potentially adopted.  Motion (Bobholz/Schmitt) to act on resolution presented.  Motion carried.  Resolution adopted.


  1. County zoning:  no Town authority over shoreline at this time.  On agenda for consideration of Dodge County zoning.  Discussion.  Will place on agenda for March 2015.
  2. Resolution-drainage associated with RR:  After extensive research, Schmitt presented Resolution 2015-2 requiring the Union Pacific Railroad to operate and maintain railroad infrastructure including required drainage culverts and ditches within the Town under Wisconsin Stats. 88.  Schmitt has complaint form signatures collected from all of the land owners.  Requesting investigation of each complaint and hold a hearing ASAP.  Bob Matheus of Sunny Side Estates spoke.  Motion (Stippich/Bobholz) to pass Resolution 2015-2.  Motion carried.  Discussion.
  3. Clerk/Treasurer appointment:  Discussion.  Job description put together for each position.  Will put on agenda for March.  John and Karla Kuzniewicz will put together job descriptions.


CLERK’S REPORT:  Liquor license applications.  Michelle L. Schultz, Michael P. Mueller, BillieJo A. Kircher, Stephanie J. Lillge, Holly L. Thomaschaske.  Motion (Stippich/Schmitt) to approve.  Motion carried.

Megan N. Trott, Raven M. Whisper.  Motion (Stippich/Kuzniewicz) to approve upon a successful background check by Chief Drumm.  Motion carried. 


CORRESPONDENCE:  Kuzniewicz reported on 14 charges to the Town of Beaver Dam by the BDFD that were not actually in the Township.  Met with Chief Mannel, Matt Christian, and Mayor Kennedy for review of boundaries.  Future meeting is planned to work out details from initial meeting.


Beaver Dam Town Board Meeting Tuesday, March 10, 2015 at 7:00pm


Motion (Kuzniewicz/Bobholz) to adjourn 8:53pm.  Motion carried.


Respectfully Submitted,


Kristine Klodowski, Clerk



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