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Minutes Special Town Board Meeting
Sep 13, 2014


Minutes of Septmber 13 , 2014


Beaver Dam Town Hall, W8540 Cty Hwy W, Beaver Dam, WI

Meeting called to order 8:07am.

Present:  Chairman Neal Stippich, Mark Bobholz, John Kuzniewicz, Brian Toth, Clerk Kristine Klodowski.   Absent:  Jeff Schmitt

Notice of meeting posted September 10th, amended notice posted September 11th.

Sunset Road vacation:  Discussion.  Motion (Stippich/Bobholz) that the official standing of the town in the petition of Evonne Boettge vs. Town of Tretnton to vacate Sunset Bay Drive is that the town is against it.  Motion carried.

Motion (Stippich/Toth) to have John Kuzniewicz and Jeff Schmitt be respondents to the court in the motion of the dually posted meeting.  Motion carried.

8:40am Jeff Schmitt arrived.

Police Chief Appointment:  Discussion.  The Board decided to send a letter to the current employees of the Township, post the police chief opening on the Town’s website, and place an ad in the Beaver Dam Daily Citizen.  The deadline for application is:  Monday, October 13, 2014 at 4:00pm.  A police commission will be created.  A list of candidates will be established.  The following will be contacted for possible interest:  Bob Neuman, Bob Schumacher, Rich Zieman, Janice Bobholz, and Art Kitchen.


Motion (Toth/Bobholz) to adjourn 9:00am.  Motion carried.


Respectfully Submitted,


Kristine Klodowski, Clerk

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