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Apr 14, 2015


Minutes of April 14, 2015


Beaver Dam Town Hall, W8540 Cty Hwy W, Beaver Dam, WI

Meeting called to order 7:05 pm.

Pledge of Allegiance

Present:  Chairman Neal Stippich, Mark Bobholz, John Kuzniewicz, Jeff Schmitt, Brian Toth, Treasurer Annette Sustman, Clerk Kristine Klodowski

Notice of meeting posted April 7, 2015, published April 11, 2015, amended notice posted April 8, 2015.

Motion (Toth/Bobholz) to approve agenda.  Motion carried.

March 10, 2015 minutes read.  Motion (Kuzniewicz/Toth) to approve minutes with addition of address to #3 under Committee/Department Reports.  Motion carried.

March 24, 2015 minutes read.  Motion (Kuzniewicz/Bobholz) to approve minutes with the addition of Jeff Schmitt to those in attendance and remove Mark Bobholz and add date of May 1stas end of term to Treasurer appointment.  Motion carried.


  1. Land Use Administrator:  issued 3 permits$425,000 in improvements, $650 in fees, 3 driveway permits.
  2. Plan commission:  Denied land use permit for contractor storage yard at 1205 Madison Street, granted single family residential conditional use permit for Elser/Leritz located at N8282 County Road W, recommended rezone from C-1 to I-1 for ABSealer on corner of Farwell Road and Highway 33, granted conditional use permit for home occupation for to Julie Hogan for a counseling business.
  3. Board of Appeals:  No meeting.
  4. Police Department:  New hire Eric Feucht was introduced.  Chief Brian Drumm reviewed Town of Beaver Dam Monthly Call Report 2015and Police Beat for March 2015.  Request for extra patrol on Prospect Road.  Vandalism being reported at W7702 Prospect Road.  Chief Drumm has attempted to contact Michael Zimmerman.  John Kuzniewicz will speak with Mr. Zimmerman.
  5. Road Maintenance Department:  March Job Report and road recommendations.  Requested grader for shoulders:  Ollinger, Crystal Lake, Shaw Hill, etc., end of month will have tractor tires fixed, picking up 9 ton of blacktop for hole patching, going to have 100+ tires picked up, gave a synopsis of Dumpster Day, contacted United Cooperative regarding bulk tank system for oil.  Chairman instructed Les to take the offer.

Motion (Toth/Schmitt) to approve committee reports.  Motion carried.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  given by Annette Sustman.  Motion (Schmitt/Toth) to approve.  Motion carried.

PAYMENT OF BILLS:  Total bills presented:  $28,578.46.  Motion (Stippich/Toth) to approve.  Motion carried.

TOWN RESIDENTS:  Bob Matheus reported on tracks/culvert issue on his property.


  1. Janusz driveway:  No contact has been made or action taken.  Discussion.  Motion (Schmitt/Kuzniewicz) to speak with attorney and send a registered letter that driveway will be moved in “x” amount of time or driveway will be moved on their behalf and expense incurred will be added to property tax bill.  Ayes:  Stippich, Bobholz, Schmitt, Kuzniewicz.  Nay:  Toth.  Motion carried.
  2. Ron Haase driveway:  Discussion.  Motion (Stippich/Toth) to have Dan Prunuske survey as to where water may go.  Motion carried.
  3. Security cameras:  Tabled until April 16, 2015 7:00pm meeting.
  4. Resolution 2015-3 adopting Code of Ordinances:  Motion (Stippich/Schmitt) to table.  Motion carried.


  1. Lawn Maintenance Bids:  Bids were opened.  Motion (Toth) to award bid to Tom’s Lawn Care with the ability to be call off as needed.  No second.  Motion (Kuzniewicz/Schmitt) to go with Mersch Lawn Care, with ability to advise as to necessity of mowing for a 3 year contract.  The Board request proof of insurance and, if there are employees of company, proof of worker’s compensation insurance.  Motion carried.
  2. Resolution No. 2014-6 to be withdrawn:  Discussion.  Motion (Schmitt/Toth) to nominate Land Use Administrator as WDNR contact person and adopt Resolution 2015- rescinding Resolution NO. 2014-6. Motion carried.


CLERK’S REPORT:  Temporary Class “B” Licenses Beaver Cycle Club May 2 & 20, June 17, July 15, August 19 & 22, September 16, October 10:  Motion (Schmitt/Toth) to approve requests for dates specified at the times specified for the sale of fermented beverages in a fenced and secured area, restricting those that are not of age to imbibe, and to provide evidence of Beaver Cycle Club’s non-profit status prior to May 2, 2015.  Motion carried. Kris will be attending Board of Review training in Mequon April 16th.  Kris asked Board to pay for registration and hotel stay at the UWGB Clerk’s & Treasurer’s Institute July 11-17.  Motion (Stippich/Toth) to approve registration and hotel for Clerk to attend the 2015 Institute.


CORRESPONDENCE& Information received by Chairman and/or Town Officers.  Wisconsin Town’s Association on-line video access $50.  Motion (Kuzniewicz/Bobholz) to approve On-Line Training Video subscription.  Motion carried.  Kuzniewicz mentioned Watermark and advised them to provide names of residents prior to considering donation.


Motion (Toth/Schmitt) to adjourn 8:46pm.  Motion carried.


Special Town Board Meeting April 16that 7:00pm.

Special Town Board Meeting April 18that 7:00am.

Annual Meeting Tuesday, April 21stat 7:00pm

Beaver Dam Town Board Meeting Tuesday, May 12that 7:00pm


Respectfully Submitted,


Kristine Klodowski, Clerk

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