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  • Conditional Use Permit

    A Conditional Use Permit is required for certain activities in certain zoning districts. Refer to the zoning code and the zoning map or consult the Land Use Administrator prior to commencing any change or addition of use. Conditional Use Permits are granted or denied by the Plan Commission after a public hearing.

  • Land Use Permit

    A Land Use Permit is required to construct a garage, shed, grain bin, deck, home addition or improvements if the cost of the materials is more than $2,500 and less than $25,000.00 or the materials + labor is more than $5,000 and less than $50,000.

  • Letter of Intent

    A Letter of Intent/Minor Land Division is required to reduce the size of an existing parcel. A Plat Application is required for a new subdivision or addition to an existing subdivision. All proposed land divisions are referred to the Plan Commission. Any land division involving dedication of land to the Town and all plats/major subdivisions are also referred to the Town Board.

  • Rezoning Petition

    Rezoning is required to change the use of an existing parcel. All rezoning requests are acted upon by the Plan Commission after a public hearing and if approved, by both the Town Board and the County Board. Note that rezoning requests that are not in conformance with the Town's Comprehensive Plan may require revision of that Plan.

  • Sign Permit

    A Sign Permit is required to install or upgrade most commercial signs. Contact the Land Use Administrator for additional information.

  • Driveway Permit

    A Driveway Permit is required for driveway construction in the town road right-of-way. A Driveway Permit may also be required for modifications to an existing driveway. Consult with the Land Use Administrator to determine if a permit is required.

  • Swimming Pool or Pond

    A pool permit is required for all swimming pools or ponds where the water is deeper than 18 inches.

  • Board of Appeals/Variance

    A Variance is required if a proposed use does not met the requirements of the town zoning code. Any person may seek an appeal from the decision of the zoning administrator, plan commission or the town board concerning the literal enforcement of the zoning code. Variances and appeals are granted or denied by the Board of Appeals after a public hearing.

  • Building Permit - Remodel > $50,000

    A building Permit is required for home improvements if the cost of materials exceeds $25,000 or the cost of materials + labor exceeds $50,000. A building Permit is also required for electrical service entrance upgrades.

  • Building Permit - New 1- 2 Family Dwelling

    A Building Permit is required to construct a new residence. The Land Use Administrator will review the steps of the process with the contractor or home owner. Upon completion of all related paperwork, the information will be reviewed by the town's Land Use Administrator and the town's building inspector to ensure all required information has been submitted. This process normally takes a week to complete. You will be contacted when the permit is ready to be picked-up. The fee for this permit is dependent upon size and value of structure. Minor building projects where the cost of the materials is less than $2,500 or the cost of the materials + labor is less than $5,000 require no permit from the Town.